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“DC Rx Card and United Networks of America Give Back to Children's National Hospital”


DC Rx Card Presents Donation to Children's National Hospital in DC

It is with great pride that DC Rx Card was able to present a check for $21,266.25 to Children’s National Hospital in DC. Accepting the check on behalf of the hospital was Sasha Dutton, Assistant Director of Children’s Miracle Network, Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Since partnering with Children’s National Hospital in April 2016, the DC Rx Card has participated in and helped raise funds through the DC Rx Card, Thanksgiving Grocery Card Drive, Radio-Thon and toy drive to name a few. There is a donation made to Children’s National Hospital each time a DC resident utilizes the DC Rx Card at a local pharmacy to purchase their prescriptions.

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“DC Rx Card and Maryland Rx Card support Children's National Medical Center Radiothon”


DC Rx Card and Maryland Rx Card support Children's National Medical Center Radiothon

(Kevin Taylor – sales representative for MDRx Card, Sasha Dutton – Assistant Director, Children’s Miracle Network and Allan Browder – Program Director for DCRx Card)

The DC Rx Card and the Maryland Rx Card teams volunteered during the 97.1 WASH-FM radiothon last week.

DC Program Director Allan Browder shared that he “had a wonderful time volunteering during a local Washington, DC radio stations Radio-Thon at Children’s National Hospital. The event raised over $12k that will go directly towards Children’s National Hospital!”

Thank you to the Maryland Rx Card, DC Rx Card and United Networks of America for continuing to make miracles happen for our hospitals!