DC Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

DC Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Healthcare seems to be a hot topic around Washington D.C. following last week's Policy Forum. Even President Obama has been keeping healthcare top of mind as seen in his State of Union address discussing how health care is effecting small businesses, employees, and the unemployed who don't have insurance...

Save up to 75% on Rx's with the DC Rx CARD

With millions losing their healthcare coverage, the DC Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with the DC Rx Card program to help provide a FREE discount prescription assistance program. You can now provide your families, employees, patients, members, students, affiliates and more with a FREE prescription assistance drug card. This program offers discounts on brand and generic medications. The program was launched to help uninsured residents afford their medications. However, the program can also be used to get discounts on non-formulary medications, or non-covered drugs. Common non-formulary medications are for weight loss, birth control, smoking cessation, fertility, growth hormones, among others. The majority of other plans will require that you pay full price for these prescriptions. The savings on non-formularies also extends to people enrolled in Medicare Part D.

Help your employees save money on their prescriptions!

Medication         Qty         Retail     Member Price   Member Savings
Ambien              30           $175       $144                       18%
Flomax               60           $241       $180                       25%
Lipitor                 30           $102       $88                         13%
Singulair             30           $137       $109                       20%
Zoloft                  30           $142       $104                       27%

DC Rx Card Highlights:

  • DC Rx Car is available to all residents of the Greater Washington Region and is accepted across the United States
  • DC Rx Card provides savings of up to 75% on brand and generic medications.
  • Can be used to provide savings on formulary and non-formulary medications.
  • All prescriptions processed through the program are completely confidential
  • In addition to printing cards from the website, we can also send your hard cards to give to your employees
  • The card can be used at over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • The DC Rx Card can also be used for discounts on eyeglasses, hearing aids, nutritional supplements, Pet Medication, Diabetic Supplies and More!


Simply go the DC Chamber Website to print FREE customized card(s). All cards are pre-activated and can be used immediately. We can also mail you hard cards if you prefer.

For more information please contact Meredith Brewer, Member Services Manager at 202.638.7338.